Do you allow children?

Absolutely! The Healing Salt Cave treatment is for everyone! Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Other treatments are to the parents discretion.

Do you allow children?2020-02-10T14:32:03-05:00

Do you allow food or drink?

To keep inline with our fragrant free policy, we do not allow any outside food or drinks in our facility. We offer water and tea during your stay, and we recommend you eat a light meal prior to coming for your treatment(s).

Do you allow food or drink?2020-02-10T14:30:43-05:00

I heard your locations are “fragrant free” what does that mean?

Wearing strong colognes, perfumes, essential oils, and any other fragrant-type cosmetics is to be avoided out of respect for our other visitors. Many of our visitors have sensitivities to such fragrances, and as a result this is a policy that we stand strictly by. We can refuse entrance into our facility if we feel you [...]

I heard your locations are “fragrant free” what does that mean?2020-02-10T16:37:58-05:00


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