Within a Healing Salt Cave you receive Halotherapy through the inhalation of dry salt aerosol. There are two major factors that assist in the effectiveness of Halotherapy in a Healing Salt Cave; the environment of a Healing Salt Cave and the medical device known as a Halogenerator. A Healing Salt Cave is a man-made recreation of the environment of a natural and real underground salt mine. This environment creates a micro-climate which induces True Therapeutic Properties. Our medical device, the Halogenerator, grinds pharma grade sodium chloride into tiny particles between 1-5 microns which allows for easy inhalation. The size of these particles allows for the pharma grade sodium chloride to reach the deepest parts of the respiratory system. The combination of the Healing Salt Cave environment and the Halogenerator allow for an effective treatment that breaks down mucus build-up and congestion.